Finally! The finished product! This is a piece I made for my screenprinting class.  It’s meant to be a chaotic piece in which things look jumbled and messy and a little overwhelming. I came up with the phrase after being prompted with the word “Obsession.” It forced me to think about what I am obsessed with. Which is more an obsession with thoughts and letting myself have the same conversations in my head over and over, to the point that it consumes me.  This idea of perfection (personified by the flowers and the colors) and achieving perfection and greatness that overwhelms my mind (as exemplified by the intertwining ribbon and the spastic lines of color). And all of the text is drawn by hand, even though I probably could have done it on the computer. I wanted that human touch, and the ability to tweak the font to make it fit the piece better.

Courtney Larsen “Obsession” 12″x16″ screenprint

And then here is my second version. I really like it, but I don’t think it has the same finished quality as the purple, like it needs one more thing to make it look complete. I have an insane amount of lime green ink that I am now trying to use on every project in order to get rid of it. Turns out a little lime green goes a long way….

Courtney Larsen “Obsession” v.2 12″x16″ screenprint

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2 thoughts on “everything

  1. Patrick says:

    How many of these did you make?

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