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Sunday Best

Sunday outfits! My sister and I totally had a 50’s Housewife theme going on this week.  She even pulled out the sock bun for the occasion.  Sunday is when I reserve all of my energy to dress nice. A couple years ago, I found this great vintage dress from an antique shop in downtown Mesa, Antique Plaza. I swear I could get lost in there for days! It’s a two story building spilling over with antiques. I generally try to give myself a time limit, something like an hour or so, because otherwise…. bad news. Once I’ve been shopping for a while, I tend to think my life is very different than it really is. I start to think I have more money than I do, and that my house and closet are enormous, and that Yes- I Can pull off a neon yellow/orange/red/green striped jumper from 1976.      So the time limit is essential.

But this dress was a great find. When I tried it on, I swear there was a Traveling Pants moment of magic when I truly felt like the dress was specifically made for me. I can’t really lift my arms too high…but other than that- Fits like a glove!

Detail of the dress fabric. I’m in love the the hidden colors sprinkled throughout it.

And this is a cute basket purse my mom found me at Goodwill. It was filled with some old yarn and a book about crochet. I decided to match the red details in the dress, and went with my vintage bow shoes <3

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Thanksgiving is the best Holiday

Rivaled only by Christmas. But Thanksgiving is great, because you don’t have to buy anything, or feel guilty for getting a much better present than you’ve given, and the entire day is devoted to eating and napping.  Reasons Thanksgiving is great:

1. You are Supposed to eat a stupid amount of food, so no one can judge you for doing so.

2. Stuffing and Mashed Potatoes

3. Sleeping (I took no less than 3 naps throughout the course of the day)

4. Friends and Family.  Somehow conversation always reverts back to gently making fun of each other.

5. Things like this happen:

Yesterday I ran the Turkey Trot 5K race.  It helps me feel better about the sheer amount of food I know I’ll consume later in the day. And for the past few years, I’ve registered day-of with no problem getting a shirt.  I think one year I ended up with a Medium instead of Small.  Not too bad.

This year, I ended up with this:

It was a Youth Large.

Arizona has seriously been having the greatest weather. It’s actually pretty unreal- High of 82 for November 23??  It’s just crazy. I do kind of wish it was cold already.  I’m so pumped to start layering! This outfit is Fall perfection:



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Photoshop fun

I’ve been trying to get a little better a photoshop lately, which is turning out to be slow process. There are so many buttons! So many possibilities! I totally do everything in photoshop the hard way.  I’m pretty sure that’s due to many, Many years of using Microsoft Paint for all editing purposes. Here’s a poster I made for an upcoming exhibition:

I’ve entered this show a couple times now, unsuccessfully, but hopefully this’ll be my year! Things are going to be different, I can feel it! Hahaha But really, I’m really hoping one of my pieces get chosen. I feel like it’s personal now. This is my last chance to enter before I graduate.

After making this one, I started messing around with some filters and changing things around, and this is what I came up with. I think I like it, it’s kind of eerie feeling. I want to keep playing around with the text, but it’s at a good stopping point.

ALSSSSSOOOOOO, I did some logo work for my talented friend, Anna Christy, so I’ll be posting more about that soon. My first commissioned logo! Ahhhhh!

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Music and Projects

I’ve been drawing constantly lately.  It’s been awesome.  I’ve been really inspired by graphic design in particular.  A friend introduced me to the work of  this lovely lady Jessica Hische, who is an amazing graphic designer and letterer.  Seriously incredible. Her work makes me want to be a graphic designer so bad! Also, I stumbled upon this awesome series on Tumblr called Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters. It is seriously genius.  I only wish I knew enough about Chicago to really understand the insults….

Two of my faves:

So great. Alsooo, in the spirit of creating, I’ve been trying to listen to new music while I draw. Most of the time I end up listening to the same depressing music every time I sit down to draw, and then after a couple hours I get stuck in this weird mentally drained state… So I’ve been trying to mix things up! I found this playlist on 8tracks that’s been working pretty well for me. It’s super mellow, but it’s got a good beat to it, so it’s easy to work to. Enjoy!

My fifteen seconds of fame! This is a video from October’s First Fridays.  The guys from Tall Cat are way cool, and are really trying to unify the creative community. This was seriously a fun event.  And I got a speaking role… : )

I feel like I should talk more about what it means to me to be creative, buuuuuuuut….


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