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Lions, and Tigers, and Leopards… Oh MY!

I lost all of my music today. It was a weird feeling, like some part of me was gone all of the sudden. I realize that I can most likely piece it all back together with cd’s and my friend’s music collections, but for right now I’m bummin. It was this strange feeling of having your memories suddenly gone. Like because the songs were gone, so were all the things they reminded me of. 

I don’t have any in progress work from my show to post. So instead, here’s a piece a did a few months back. It was supposed to be a t-shirt design, but the company I made it for never followed through. I still like the design. 


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My Heart’s in the strangest place

I finally graduated! YAY! I feel like I’ve just been looking forward to the end of school for so long, and now that it’s here I don’t know what to do with myself. Except to keep busy. I’m leaving for Europe in a few days, which I could not be more excited about. I am a little nervous, as you get with any trip. A little afraid of the unknown, but my excitement trumps any fear. I can’t wait to live differently than I’ve ever lived. To see new things. See new people. Be surprised. I can’t wait to let it change me. I already want to live more simply than I do- maybe this will be a catalyst for change. I can’t believe I’ll finally see in person the amazing sculptures I’ve been drooling over for the past couple months. I’ve been trying to imagine what it’ll feel like to be there, but the truth is that I have no idea.


I’ve also been really into The Walkmen lately. They remind me of memories, some real, some hoped for. And I love his voice.

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New Year, new everything

I made it through finals. Barely.  I got to the point where I was deciding which assignments were Absolutely necessary, and which ones I could skip in order to keep my sanity.  Needless to say… it was a rough couple of weeks.

But then Christmas was awesome! And now I have a little break from work and school and the laziness has commenced. I am excited for the new year. I had some truly AMAZING things happen this year, as well as some things I will be forgetting as soon as I can hahaha

I have a BIG goal for 2013.  Working for a company that focuses so much on sustainability and fair labor, I feel like I can’t keep ignoring the impact my purchases have on the world.  I know how damaging the fashion industry is, and how just incredibly wasteful it is, and I don’t want to contribute to it.  My goal for 2013 is to not buy anything new, unless I know that it is ethically sourced and produced.

It’s pretty ridiculous how wasteful we are as consumers.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  And it feels awesome when you buy something that you know was made with mother nature in mind.  I was so pumped when I found some of my Christmas gifts at the local farmer’s market, because I knew everything was handmade and local, and I knew that I was supporting my local economy.

So because I know I couldn’t go a whole year without shopping…. I’m doing this instead. And I’ll be documenting it : ) so that I can prove that you can still look cute buying second hand!

The world is wasteful. You don’t have to be.

On another note, my brother got me the Best of the Pixies album for Christmas. This video is weeeeeeeird.

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Music and Projects

I’ve been drawing constantly lately.  It’s been awesome.  I’ve been really inspired by graphic design in particular.  A friend introduced me to the work of  this lovely lady Jessica Hische, who is an amazing graphic designer and letterer.  Seriously incredible. Her work makes me want to be a graphic designer so bad! Also, I stumbled upon this awesome series on Tumblr called Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters. It is seriously genius.  I only wish I knew enough about Chicago to really understand the insults….

Two of my faves:

So great. Alsooo, in the spirit of creating, I’ve been trying to listen to new music while I draw. Most of the time I end up listening to the same depressing music every time I sit down to draw, and then after a couple hours I get stuck in this weird mentally drained state… So I’ve been trying to mix things up! I found this playlist on 8tracks that’s been working pretty well for me. It’s super mellow, but it’s got a good beat to it, so it’s easy to work to. Enjoy!

Drawing is better than doing other things

Tracing paper is a girl’s best friend.  And so is procrastination.  I have been putting off all “real” work in lieu of drawing on layers and layers of tracing paper for my screen printing class.  I love it.  BUTTTTT it’s a bummer to have put in hours and hours of work on something as fragile as tracing paper…  I think I’m going to take advantage of the light table in studio and make this same drawing in black and white.

Here’s a sneak peek on what I’ve been working on.  The text is all hand drawn, which I was really proud of… until my teacher told me how much faster it would have been to just do it on the computer…. ugh!  I am a complete believer that there is something special about doing something by hand, something very genuine and personal and intimate, that cannot be replicated by a machine.  You will undoubtedly get perfection, but what’s interesting about that?

The piece is kind of bubblegumy and sherbet-y, but not quite as overwhelmingly as the pictures make it seem.

Current type obsession: Pistilli Roman. OOOoooOOooOOoOoOOo! Gives me goosebumps just thinkin about it!

On an unrelated note, Band of Horses is coming to Tempe in a couple of weeks, and I’m super pumped.

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Like I’m Gonna Ignite- Top 10 Tuesday

I met the coolest older woman at Staples a few days ago. We got to talking, and I found out that she is 89 years old.  I told her she could pass for 65.  I’m not sure what she thought about that… I feel like it’s a compliment, but I also feel like I make terrible judgment calls. After a certain age, I have no idea how old people are.  85-100 all seems the same. After 100, you feel like they look 1000.  So maybe telling someone they look 20 years younger isn’t really a huge compliment.  Still- meeting her made my day.  I really hope I’m as happy and open as she is when I get to be that age.

I’ve been feeling way pumped up lately, so I’m not lovin my normally depressing music.  So my list reflects my optimistic mood!

AAAAAAND… my faves are now conveniently a playlist on : ) Click the picture below to listen:

Click here to hear:  Like I’m Gonna Ignite from clarsen61 on 8tracks Radio.


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