Momentum opening reception

The show was AMAZING. I had so many people show up to support me, it was so incredible. It was so cool to see how people interacted with my work and to hear some of the feedback. Makes me want to do another show soon!

Here’s my layout. I had quite a bit of wall space as it turns out!

Momentum opening reception

Momentum opening reception

And here’s a shot of the rest of the artists in the show:

group shot


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Momentum- My senior exhibition

Can’t even believe that my senior exhibition is this week. For the last 5 years it’s been this far off concept I knew I would someday have, but it never felt real. I spent the weekend finishing some drawings, framing all my pieces, and hanging them in the gallery. I feel so official! Almost all of my work is new from this year, so I don’t even have photos of most of my show! But I’ll update my tumblr when I do : )

Also, I updated my blog! I was tired of the old layout, so I spruced it up a bit.  Feels much cleaner. And I need a little more clean in my life. My entire house looks like a gallery blew up right now.

This isn’t in my show, but I made it for work. We decided not to go with the geometric look, but I still like it with all the shapes layered on top.

Courtney Larsen, 2012, ink and photoshop

Courtney Larsen, 2012, ink and photoshop

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A few weeks ago I got to be part of the Hearts photo shoot for Spring! It was such a fun day, and I’m obsessed with all of the spring jewelry and bags. All of the clothes are from thrift stores or our own closets : )

Here are some of the photos:

1 18230_10200753362500207_2031302592_n 539425_420719548016080_424238207_n 774965_356119281162789_1925272225_o 823506_423093447778690_276004544_o 830278_423093414445360_2113783762_o 830403_423097797778255_1513799662_o 856689_423093417778693_1748782379_o 856906_422602994494402_2100753333_o 857539_423093361112032_1921584320_o 857687_423093364445365_1392064658_o 858834_423093374445364_1014214107_o 860875_423093427778692_1239933896_oeMarketing_spring_picks_17


All of the photos are taken by Tiffany Phillips, and all the jewelry and accessories are Hearts. SOOOO excited for spring to be here.

Oh, and also, it snowed in Phoenix today… yesterday it was 70+degrees….

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More NYC

I have been TERRIBLE at keeping up with this.  So I went to New York for work. It was awesome. Please look at my low quality photos taken on my newly broken ipod:

Picture 001Picture 106Picture 002 Picture 007 Picture 009 Picture 012 Picture 013 Picture 017 Picture 021 Picture 022 Picture 027 Picture 030 Picture 033 Picture 037 Picture 038 Picture 046 Picture 049 Picture 058 Picture 063 Picture 071 Picture 073 Picture 087 Picture 089 Picture 092 Picture 097 Picture 101 Picture 102

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I’ve joined the world of tumblr

Finally! I’ve updated my portfolio, so go take a peek! I still have all of my life drawing sketches to add, but that is a pretty large undertaking. Here’s the link to my tumblr:

A lot has been happening lately! Last week I modeled in the spring photo shoot, which was Amazing.  And totally a last minute thing.  The one blonde model we had booked just didn’t show up, and since I am also blonde, they asked me to fill in. I had a blast! Definitely fun getting hair and makeup done :) Here’s a sneak peek, one of my favorite looks from the shoot:

Hearts Spring 2013 photoshoot

Hearts Spring 2013 photoshoot

All of the clothes from the shoot were either clothes from the other girls in the office or thrifted from Goodwill.  Which just goes to prove that you can look super stylish and trendy shopping second hand.

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