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Work in Progress

So lately I’ve been really interested in typography, and have seen some amazing work from artists that are also beginning to dabble in the field. Β This is a piece I’ve working on for a few months, and am still incredibly far from finishing. It’s one of those pieces that keeps getting pushed aside when I have a new idea for another. Β Which brings up something I have found out about myself- I am a promiscuous artist. Not in the fun “I know how to party” way, but in the “distracted, never finish a project” kind of way. I’ll call it “multi-tasking,” like this awesome article suggests as an alternative to “promiscuous.” Β The article is referring to what kind of reader you are, but I think it applies just as easily to artists. Β I often find myself completely consumed in a new idea, so eager to begin and delve in that I abandon whatever current project I’m working on for the new one. I think it’s “Ooo Shiny!” syndrome.

work in progress

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