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A little crazy never hurt anyone

I seem to know a lot of people who have lost their minds.  Their ability to reason is diminished.  They begin to lash out.  To take desperate measures.  They’re grasping at straws.  The strangest thing is that they don’t seem to recognize the crazy that has overtaken them.  It’s like watching a train wreck while the passengers obliviously laugh.

I suppose we all go crazy at some point.  Some of us recover, but we never fully return.  The crazy is a part of you forever.  A thing you have to deal with forever.   And then there are some that never make it back at all.

You can’t escape your own head.  There are some things that twirl and dance and mock inside my head day in and out.  The trick is to either rid yourself of the disease, or learn to live with it.  I believe that some of the world’s greatest creations have come from incessant, tortured minds that are plagued by this unceasing barrage of thoughts.  Perhaps it is an inherent characteristic of creators.  That it is a necessary part of the process of creating.

I’d rather be crazy than dull.

And speaking of crazy and tortured….. Egon Schiele:

Self Portrait With Hands On Chest - Egon Schiele - www.egon-schiele.net

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