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Hearts.com photo shoot

A few weeks ago I got to be part of the Hearts photo shoot for Spring! It was such a fun day, and I’m obsessed with all of the spring jewelry and bags. All of the clothes are from thrift stores or our own closets : )

Here are some of the photos:

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All of the photos are taken by Tiffany Phillips, and all the jewelry and accessories are Hearts. SOOOO excited for spring to be here.

Oh, and also, it snowed in Phoenix today… yesterday it was 70+degrees….

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Sunday Best

Sunday outfits! My sister and I totally had a 50’s Housewife theme going on this week.  She even pulled out the sock bun for the occasion.  Sunday is when I reserve all of my energy to dress nice. A couple years ago, I found this great vintage dress from an antique shop in downtown Mesa, Antique Plaza. I swear I could get lost in there for days! It’s a two story building spilling over with antiques. I generally try to give myself a time limit, something like an hour or so, because otherwise…. bad news. Once I’ve been shopping for a while, I tend to think my life is very different than it really is. I start to think I have more money than I do, and that my house and closet are enormous, and that Yes- I Can pull off a neon yellow/orange/red/green striped jumper from 1976.      So the time limit is essential.

But this dress was a great find. When I tried it on, I swear there was a Traveling Pants moment of magic when I truly felt like the dress was specifically made for me. I can’t really lift my arms too high…but other than that- Fits like a glove!

Detail of the dress fabric. I’m in love the the hidden colors sprinkled throughout it.

And this is a cute basket purse my mom found me at Goodwill. It was filled with some old yarn and a book about crochet. I decided to match the red details in the dress, and went with my vintage bow shoes <3

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DIY Fringe+Stud T-shirt

I found this amazing wolf t-shirt at one of my favorite Goodwills.  So of course- I had to buy it.  I’ve seen sweet shirts like this at some of my favorite stores, but I’ve never bought one because I always think how I could make it myself for WAYYYY less– and put my own Spin on it.  I decided to make it Super trendy, and fringe the crap out of it!

For those of you who do not regularly fringe- it’s about the easiest thing in the world.  First- cut off the sleeves and around the neckline to give it an unfinished edge.  Measure where you want the fringe to begin, and then put a line of tape at the measurement around the entire shirt.  This will act as your guide. Then take your scissors and cut 1″ strips, as close to straight as you can.  It really doesn’t matter if they get a little crooked, you really can’t tell once it’s done.  Once all your strips are cut, start gently pulling on each strand to make the fabric curl in on itself.  Voila! Your fringing is complete!  Now you can move on to the fun stuff, like studding!!

This part is even easier than the fringing! Here it goes:

Step 1:  Roughly lay out the studs how you think you want them.  I ended up using 5 studs on each shoulder.

Step 2:  Starting with the center stud, gently push the prongs around the shoulder seam of your shirt.  You might want to use a flat head screwdriver to push the prongs down, since they tend to kill your fingers.

Step 3: Place your next studs about 0.5″ away from your first one.  Repeat step 2 until you’ve put as many studs on as you’d like.

What to wear it with:  *White Jeans  *Super Skinny Jeans  *Leopard Capris  *High-waisted jean shorts

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DIY- Studded Jacket

The first of many DIYs!!  I found this jacket for $12 in the garment district when I visited California this summer. I’m pretty sure it’s just a Forever 21 jacket, but i’m not sure… the tag was cut off… it seemed kind of shady. But it was only $12!  So I’m ignoring any unethical possibilities.  While I love neutral pieces that go with anything, I couldn’t help but embellish a little!  And it was SUPER easy to do.  Try it on an old favorite or a new thrift store find for a fresh new Spin!

What you need:

*Old Jacket

*Studs in different colors and sizes (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)

*Flat head Screwdriver

*Takes about 20-30 minutes

Step 1: After you’ve gathered your supplies, pick your ideal spot to place the studs.  I wanted mine on the shoulders, but it would look equally rad on the lapels, on the back, or on the sleeves- it’s up to you!

Step 2: Begin studding!  Most studs have 2 or 4 prongs that easily fit through the fibers of the fabric, and then you need to securely push them down.  I use a screwdriver for this part, because otherwise you will kill your fingers!!

Step 3: Be sure to use a variety of studs, and be consciously random with how you place the studs. You want to be sure that the larger studs are spread out evenly.

Step 4:  Keep studding until you’re happy with the look.   And then get ready for the bazillion compliments that will ensue <3

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Thrift Store Valentinos

A few months ago, my mom came home from California with these whimsical red shoes she found in one of our favorite San Clemente thrift stores- The Packrat.  I immediately dreamed of all the outfits I could wear them with!

And then yesterday, while browsing the section of Nordstrom’s I will never be able to afford, I stumbled upon some Valentino pumps that looked identical to my new red ones!  They had nude, black, and yes- even red.

Not to brag, but I have pretty good luck with thrifting.  I get it from my mother dearest.  And while searching for these beautiful shoes, I found this beautiful blog, and a lovely image of some killer shoes.

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