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This is a song I can never get enough of.  Gavin Castleton’s album “Home” is the story of his breakup with a longtime girlfriend told through a zombie apocalypse.  It’s honestly incredible.  And I think he only directly says the word “zombie” twice on the entire album, which saves it from getting cheesy and overdone.  You can listen to the whole album on his site, which more artists should do! More music should be free!  Anyways, you can also listen to the commentary, which is worth doing. He gives so much depth on the construction of each song, and the changes he made, as well as takes you through how each song correlates to the rise and fall of his relationship.

This song in particular is great. The album is a little weird at first listen, but this song got me hooked, and now it’s one of my favorite records. The song’s got a bit of a retro vibe, which I love, and both voices work amazingly together. Enjoy!

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