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Photoshop fun

I’ve been trying to get a little better a photoshop lately, which is turning out to be slow process. There are so many buttons! So many possibilities! I totally do everything in photoshop the hard way.  I’m pretty sure that’s due to many, Many years of using Microsoft Paint for all editing purposes. Here’s a poster I made for an upcoming exhibition:

I’ve entered this show a couple times now, unsuccessfully, but hopefully this’ll be my year! Things are going to be different, I can feel it! Hahaha But really, I’m really hoping one of my pieces get chosen. I feel like it’s personal now. This is my last chance to enter before I graduate.

After making this one, I started messing around with some filters and changing things around, and this is what I came up with. I think I like it, it’s kind of eerie feeling. I want to keep playing around with the text, but it’s at a good stopping point.

ALSSSSSOOOOOO, I did some logo work for my talented friend, Anna Christy, so I’ll be posting more about that soon. My first commissioned logo! Ahhhhh!

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