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Lions, and Tigers, and Leopards… Oh MY!

I lost all of my music today. It was a weird feeling, like some part of me was gone all of the sudden. I realize that I can most likely piece it all back together with cd’s and my friend’s music collections, but for right now I’m bummin. It was this strange feeling of having your memories suddenly gone. Like because the songs were gone, so were all the things they reminded me of. 

I don’t have any in progress work from my show to post. So instead, here’s a piece a did a few months back. It was supposed to be a t-shirt design, but the company I made it for never followed through. I still like the design. 


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Momentum- My senior exhibition

Can’t even believe that my senior exhibition is this week. For the last 5 years it’s been this far off concept I knew I would someday have, but it never felt real. I spent the weekend finishing some drawings, framing all my pieces, and hanging them in the gallery. I feel so official! Almost all of my work is new from this year, so I don’t even have photos of most of my show! But I’ll update my tumblr when I do : )

Also, I updated my blog! I was tired of the old layout, so I spruced it up a bit.  Feels much cleaner. And I need a little more clean in my life. My entire house looks like a gallery blew up right now.

This isn’t in my show, but I made it for work. We decided not to go with the geometric look, but I still like it with all the shapes layered on top.

Courtney Larsen, 2012, ink and photoshop

Courtney Larsen, 2012, ink and photoshop

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I’ve joined the world of tumblr

Finally! I’ve updated my portfolio, so go take a peek! I still have all of my life drawing sketches to add, but that is a pretty large undertaking. Here’s the link to my tumblr: http://courtney-larsen1.tumblr.com/

A lot has been happening lately! Last week I modeled in the Hearts.com spring photo shoot, which was Amazing.  And totally a last minute thing.  The one blonde model we had booked just didn’t show up, and since I am also blonde, they asked me to fill in. I had a blast! Definitely fun getting hair and makeup done :) Here’s a sneak peek, one of my favorite looks from the shoot:

Hearts Spring 2013 photoshoot

Hearts Spring 2013 photoshoot

All of the clothes from the shoot were either clothes from the other girls in the office or thrifted from Goodwill.  Which just goes to prove that you can look super stylish and trendy shopping second hand.

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Work in progress

Here’s a the start of a piece I’m working on right now for screenprint.  I just thought that all the the tracing papers looked so beautiful scattered on top of each other. In the future I’d like to do some kind of transparency piece utilizing this concept of layers.  It’s so magical how some layers just fade away.

Closer look. For some reason, I drew this pattern by hand, tracing from a portrait I found of Madonna. But the picture really only had 2 good pattern sections to trace from, so I had to keep moving it around to complete it. I wanted the sketchy, hand drawn look, but the amount of time it took to complete this was probably not worth it.  Especially because I planned to make this a super super light peach that would blend into the background…. So essentially I could have done this on a computer and finished in a quarter of the time.


My first two layers printed.  Here’s that ghastly lime green that keeps popping up. I swear I will have that tub of lime green paint for the rest of my life. Anywaysssssss I’m trying to switch things up a bit, and try new color combos that I don’t necessarily think will work. The pink and salmon one is supposed to be my real piece, and then I’ve made a couple green ones and a couple mauve ones, which hopefully turn out cool.

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Finally! The finished product! This is a piece I made for my screenprinting class.  It’s meant to be a chaotic piece in which things look jumbled and messy and a little overwhelming. I came up with the phrase after being prompted with the word “Obsession.” It forced me to think about what I am obsessed with. Which is more an obsession with thoughts and letting myself have the same conversations in my head over and over, to the point that it consumes me.  This idea of perfection (personified by the flowers and the colors) and achieving perfection and greatness that overwhelms my mind (as exemplified by the intertwining ribbon and the spastic lines of color). And all of the text is drawn by hand, even though I probably could have done it on the computer. I wanted that human touch, and the ability to tweak the font to make it fit the piece better.

Courtney Larsen “Obsession” 12″x16″ screenprint

And then here is my second version. I really like it, but I don’t think it has the same finished quality as the purple, like it needs one more thing to make it look complete. I have an insane amount of lime green ink that I am now trying to use on every project in order to get rid of it. Turns out a little lime green goes a long way….

Courtney Larsen “Obsession” v.2 12″x16″ screenprint

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New Graduate Show at ASU- My poster design

For one of my classes we had a poster design competition for the upcoming New Grad Exhibition at ASU, and mine got chosen!  I spent WAAAAAAYYY too much time on this poster.  All the text is drawn by hand… I realize a computer probably could have done this, but it would lack the love.

It’s actually a combination of hand-drawn and digital work.  I drew all of the letters and border in graphite, then scanned it into my computer and inverted the colors.  I took a chalkboard image I found on google as the background, but as I messed around with the image, it turned out not to be quite chalkboard-y enough.  So I layered another, dirtier looking chalkboard image behind it and erased part of the image out using photoshop. Then it was just a matter of getting the text to be white enough to pop against the background.

Here is the finished product, and some of the before images:

Before photoshopping (you’ll notice I took out the “THE”, which I think was the right choice):

Detail of the beautiful swirly ribbon:

Here’s the link to the ASU Herberger Institute’s page with more details on the show, and dates and all that good stuff.  There are some really inspiring pieces of art, and impressive new graduate students.

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