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Lions, and Tigers, and Leopards… Oh MY!

I lost all of my music today. It was a weird feeling, like some part of me was gone all of the sudden. I realize that I can most likely piece it all back together with cd’s and my friend’s music collections, but for right now I’m bummin. It was this strange feeling of having your memories suddenly gone. Like because the songs were gone, so were all the things they reminded me of. 

I don’t have any in progress work from my show to post. So instead, here’s a piece a did a few months back. It was supposed to be a t-shirt design, but the company I made it for never followed through. I still like the design. 


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So much to catch up on! The last two months have been crazy. I graduated college with two degrees. My friend and I won a travel grant and decided to go to Eastern Europe. Now I’m back and there are some big changes at work. My sister is getting married soon, which means I’ll be finding a new home soon. It feels like everything is in transit right now. So many possibilities and opportunities, so many choices. It’s exciting, but makes me a little nervous.

We made a travel blog of our trip around the Balkans. Click on the photo to check it out. Seriously incredible architecture and sculptures over there. Everything is starting to blur together from the trip. A month is definitely not long enough to soak it all in.

I’ve been doing a lot of drawing recently to get ready for my exhibition in September. I can’t wait to have my first real gallery show!! It’s a big step for me. The drawings are definitely stepping out of my comfort zone, a necessary but difficult thing to do. Listening to some weirder music these days. Loving this song in particular.

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This is a song I can never get enough of.  Gavin Castleton’s album “Home” is the story of his breakup with a longtime girlfriend told through a zombie apocalypse.  It’s honestly incredible.  And I think he only directly says the word “zombie” twice on the entire album, which saves it from getting cheesy and overdone.  You can listen to the whole album on his site, which more artists should do! More music should be free!  Anyways, you can also listen to the commentary, which is worth doing. He gives so much depth on the construction of each song, and the changes he made, as well as takes you through how each song correlates to the rise and fall of his relationship.

This song in particular is great. The album is a little weird at first listen, but this song got me hooked, and now it’s one of my favorite records. The song’s got a bit of a retro vibe, which I love, and both voices work amazingly together. Enjoy!

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Cry For No One

My dad introduced me to the song “For No One” by the Beatles a while back, and it has since become one of my favorite songs. There is so much insight and sadness in the lyrics, like the poignant last line “A love that should have lasted years.”  It reminds me of another song by The Beatles, “I’m looking through you,” which also perfectly describes how quickly relationships can change.  As they so eloquently say, “Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight.”  Kind of a bummer topic. But there is also a freedom in the lyrics, an escape from something that wasn’t right. “You were above me, But not today.”

detail of “Umbra Crinis Concha”
Courtney Larsen

Aaaaaaand with that, here are my top ten songs for the week.  A mix of melancholy and freedom and being better off.

1. “For No One”- The Beatles

2. “Day Old Blues”- Kings of Leon

3. “Suck It and See”- Arctic Monkeys

4. “Shivers”- Divine Fits

5. “Sloop John B”- The Beach Boys

6. “First Love”- Adele

7. “Bless This Mess”- David Bazan

8. “The Moon Asked the Crow”- CocoRosie

9. “VCR”- The XX

10. “Styrofoam Boots/It’s All Nice On Ice, Alright”- Modest Mouse

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Loving this song

I wish winter was here already.  And I wish The Walkmen would sing this to me every night as I fall asleep.

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