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First Fridays

The beginning of the web.  The ladder was conveniently already there for me.

And here are the millions of bags of cobwebs I bought from Walmart.  I’m not normally a Walmart shopper. I don’t like it there.  I found it odd that the cashier DIDN’T question me at all…

And Here I am shamelessly self-promoting and chattin it up with some girls that seemed completely uninterested in talking to me:

Talkin to the nice guys at Tallcat.  Their website is launching soon, so they were out at First Fridays to get the word out.  I  actually met them a couple months ago while my design team and I were assembling Peritoneum on the lot on Roosevelt and 2nd street.  They were super helpful and even passed out some spider rings for me : )  They had some great music going, and a couple artists painting that night, so there ended up being a ton of people that night.

All in all, pretty successful night of trying to convince people to like me enough to visit my blog.



I went to Phoenix’s First Friday tonight, and did a little self promotion for Spindles.  I talked to soooo many great people! I’ll post in more detail later, but here’s a peek at what happened tonight.

Peritoneum with Cobwebs

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