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A piece of art that changed my life

Perhaps “changed my life” is a bit dramatic, but it has definitely changed my perspective and left a lasting impression.  A piece called “You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies” by Yayoi Kusama located in the Phoenix Art Musuem.  Honestly incredible. It’s  title perfectly describes how the piece looks, but does nothing to touch how it makes you feel- aside from the word “obliterated.”

I felt something of that nature.

I’ve had two memorable visits. The first was with my best friend. We felt magical, like we went on forever in this infinite space of fantasy and perfection, where anything was possible. It was the manifestation of a dream, the subconscious translated into a physical space. My mind was instantly filled with futures and inspirations and dreams and forevers. I had never wanted to create more than I did at that moment. And I wanted that magic with me always.

Fast forward a few years to my next visit. This time- alone. I had wandered the museum for hours already, and was saving this piece for last. I wanted it to be the last bite I could savor until my next visit. I even waited for several groups of people to filter through so I could be the only one there.  At last, I entered again.  And there was the magic again, but there was also something very haunting in its beauty this time.  After a few moments, it hit me how very alone in that moment I was.  Enveloped in such a magnificent space, but having no one to share it with. It was odd. I still felt inspired, like I was ready to take the world by storm, but it was different.  I was ready to be obliterated.  To let myself be completely destroyed so that I could be rebuilt stronger.

It changed how I thought about art. I experience how a single piece can serve as a call to action, an escape, a keeper of memories. And I’ve wanted to create that myself ever since.

Boom. Life changed.

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