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New Graduate Show at ASU- My poster design

For one of my classes we had a poster design competition for the upcoming New Grad Exhibition at ASU, and mine got chosen!  I spent WAAAAAAYYY too much time on this poster.  All the text is drawn by hand… I realize a computer probably could have done this, but it would lack the love.

It’s actually a combination of hand-drawn and digital work.  I drew all of the letters and border in graphite, then scanned it into my computer and inverted the colors.  I took a chalkboard image I found on google as the background, but as I messed around with the image, it turned out not to be quite chalkboard-y enough.  So I layered another, dirtier looking chalkboard image behind it and erased part of the image out using photoshop. Then it was just a matter of getting the text to be white enough to pop against the background.

Here is the finished product, and some of the before images:

Before photoshopping (you’ll notice I took out the “THE”, which I think was the right choice):

Detail of the beautiful swirly ribbon:

Here’s the link to the ASU Herberger Institute’s page with more details on the show, and dates and all that good stuff.  There are some really inspiring pieces of art, and impressive new graduate students.

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