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Ideal Studio Space

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my perfect studio space would be.  Here’s a little glimpse into my dream studio:


This apartment is only about $25 million.  I’m hoping to marry very, very rich….

But honestly, who does Not want to live in a clock that overlooks the city??  I would argue that $25 million is a reasonable price for living every child’s dream life. Seriously, this view is incredible.  I can only imagine all the genius ideas I would have here!


And I would definitely like wood floors in my studio, but I would be too afraid to ruin them with paint and charcoal and other various art supplies.  But apparently the world loves me, and has created ceramic tiles that look exactly like wood, without the constant worry of ruining them with art.

This studio is a WAY too clean for me, but I do like the soft white walls and the huge window.  Again with the wood floors. I would definitely ruin these within a month.

I’ve always wanted a house with a tree growing in the middle of it.  I feel like that would be so magical! It would be amazing to have a huge tree in the middle of my studio.  I could hang stuff off of it, and take really cool pictures in my studio, and breath really fresh air.

And of course, a chalk board wall, a la 500 Days of Summer.  I am so jealous of his room.

Take away the couch and dining table, and this would be perfect.  The windows, the high ceiling, the cement floor.  Actually, keep the couch… that way I can take naps.

The coolest book shelf:

I’ll probably have to have a real desk for all the important things I accomplish, so this one looks pretty great.  I love the inspiration wall and the overhead lighting.

Or this desk, but imagine that the wallpapered wall is chalkboard paint… ahhhh

And then this woman’s studio pretty much sums up exactly what I would want.  High, wood ceiling, beautifully lit, tons of storage, plants, and high tables.

I could also work somewhere like this, with the floor to ceiling window, the view!, the brick, the simplicity.  And this table is cool– it’s a giant post-it! Awesome concept, but I would probably never use it.  I don’t like to waste time with drawing on crappy paper.

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