Work in progress

Here’s a the start of a piece I’m working on right now for screenprint.  I just thought that all the the tracing papers looked so beautiful scattered on top of each other. In the future I’d like to do some kind of transparency piece utilizing this concept of layers.  It’s so magical how some layers just fade away.

Closer look. For some reason, I drew this pattern by hand, tracing from a portrait I found of Madonna. But the picture really only had 2 good pattern sections to trace from, so I had to keep moving it around to complete it. I wanted the sketchy, hand drawn look, but the amount of time it took to complete this was probably not worth it.  Especially because I planned to make this a super super light peach that would blend into the background…. So essentially I could have done this on a computer and finished in a quarter of the time.


My first two layers printed.  Here’s that ghastly lime green that keeps popping up. I swear I will have that tub of lime green paint for the rest of my life. Anywaysssssss I’m trying to switch things up a bit, and try new color combos that I don’t necessarily think will work. The pink and salmon one is supposed to be my real piece, and then I’ve made a couple green ones and a couple mauve ones, which hopefully turn out cool.

One thought on “Work in progress

  1. Hambone Press says:

    I’ve definitely had the lightest/most delicate layers be the most time consuming before…but I’m all for it–I’m convinced it makes a difference. Color tip–once I printed a really atrocious pink and I went over it with a very transparent, milky white. It made a huge difference!

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