Photoshop fun

I’ve been trying to get a little better a photoshop lately, which is turning out to be slow process. There are so many buttons! So many possibilities! I totally do everything in photoshop the hard way. Β I’m pretty sure that’s due to many, Many years of using Microsoft Paint for all editing purposes. Here’s a poster I made for an upcoming exhibition:

I’ve entered this show a couple times now, unsuccessfully, but hopefully this’ll be my year! Things are going to be different, I can feel it! Hahaha But really, I’m really hoping one of my pieces get chosen. I feel like it’s personal now. This is my last chance to enter before I graduate.

After making this one, I started messing around with some filters and changing things around, and this is what I came up with. I think I like it, it’s kind of eerie feeling. I want to keep playing around with the text, but it’s at a good stopping point.

ALSSSSSOOOOOO, I did some logo work for my talented friend, Anna Christy, so I’ll be posting more about that soon. My first commissioned logo! Ahhhhh!

One thought on “Photoshop fun

  1. gcastroart says:

    Maybe it’s the writing advertising the all well-known exhibitions around ASU that I’m too familiar with, but I definitely like the more personalized one much more. I had my glory days in the photoshop world and can understand the frustrations, but keep at it! I’ll have to take my advice as well.

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