Sunday Best

Sunday outfits! My sister and I totally had a 50’s Housewife theme going on this week.  She even pulled out the sock bun for the occasion.  Sunday is when I reserve all of my energy to dress nice. A couple years ago, I found this great vintage dress from an antique shop in downtown Mesa, Antique Plaza. I swear I could get lost in there for days! It’s a two story building spilling over with antiques. I generally try to give myself a time limit, something like an hour or so, because otherwise…. bad news. Once I’ve been shopping for a while, I tend to think my life is very different than it really is. I start to think I have more money than I do, and that my house and closet are enormous, and that Yes- I Can pull off a neon yellow/orange/red/green striped jumper from 1976.      So the time limit is essential.

But this dress was a great find. When I tried it on, I swear there was a Traveling Pants moment of magic when I truly felt like the dress was specifically made for me. I can’t really lift my arms too high…but other than that- Fits like a glove!

Detail of the dress fabric. I’m in love the the hidden colors sprinkled throughout it.

And this is a cute basket purse my mom found me at Goodwill. It was filled with some old yarn and a book about crochet. I decided to match the red details in the dress, and went with my vintage bow shoes❤

6 thoughts on “Sunday Best

  1. mcoomer says:

    I’m not big on vintage clothing, but I have to say I do love this dress. I’m a huge fan of lace and the little bits of color make it even better.

  2. taylor says:

    I am jealous! I work at Anthropologie so dressing up only on Sundays is not an option.Any who that outfit is really cute and on a side note your attention to detail on your art pieces is spectacular.

  3. sonecloud says:

    I really like the dress very vintage, and it looks great on you. I always like vintage clothes but never though to get all dressed up vintage style, i’ll have to try it sometime.🙂

  4. kuricuriosities says:

    I love that dress and I love the antique plaza~! I always go hunting for awesome old fashioned hats there! Have you tried the coffee house down the street? It’s called Inside the Bungalow and is really cute and has wonderful tea and treats!

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