Momentum- My senior exhibition

Can’t even believe that my senior exhibition is this week. For the last 5 years it’s been this far off concept I knew I would someday have, but it never felt real. I spent the weekend finishing some drawings, framing all my pieces, and hanging them in the gallery. I feel so official! Almost all of my work is new from this year, so I don’t even have photos of most of my show! But I’ll update my tumblr when I do : )

Also, I updated my blog! I was tired of the old layout, so I spruced it up a bit. Β Feels much cleaner. And I need a little more clean in my life. My entire house looks like a gallery blew up right now.

This isn’t in my show, but I made it for work. We decided not to go with the geometric look, but I still like it with all the shapes layered on top.

Courtney Larsen, 2012, ink and photoshop
Courtney Larsen, 2012, ink and photoshop

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